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Safety technical measures for coal cutting and maintenance of shearers

(1) shearer drivers should strictly implement the operating procedures and composite insights of India. They analyzed the post system of the Global Aerospace Energy Industry and insisted on working with certificates

(2) before coal cutting, check whether all parts are in good condition, whether the oil level meets the requirements, whether the operating handle and button are flexible and reliable, and conduct no-load test run for 2 minutes. If problems are found, deal with them in time, and it is strictly prohibited to work with diseases

(3) first turn on the spray system before starting up. No water is allowed to cut coal. Before starting up, you must send a coal cutting signal and start up when there is no one within 5 meters above and below the shearer

(4) the shearer driver should coordinate the operation with two people, and it is strictly forbidden to operate by one person. The driver should pay attention to the operation of the roof, coal wall, support front beam and the shearer at any time, and stop the machine and deal with it immediately in case of any abnormality. During shutdown, the coal machine and conveyor shall be powered off and locked

(5) under no special circumstances, the coal wall must be straight, the floor must be flat, no umbrella edge must be left, and the mining height must comply with the provisions of the operating procedures. If the coal wall is soft and passes through the roof falling area, the umbrella edge can be left 0.3 ~ 0.5m, but the next knife must be cut straight

(6) when the working face passes through the fault structure, supplementary measures should be formulated, and it is strictly forbidden for the Shearer to cut hard gangue

(7) if there are spalling and empty roof at the support beam end of the working face, the coal machine can cut coal after taking measures to prevent spalling and roof falling again. It is strictly forbidden to cut coal in the unsupported and empty roof area. When the angle of the working face is greater than 15 degrees, a special person shall be assigned to take care of the cable hauling device, or a 2-point steel wire rope shall be used, the bottom cable clamp shall be fastened every 5M and fixed on the coal baffle, and the belt leather shall be bound on the cable clamp every 3 meters to increase the resistance, and the cable clamp shall be removed as it moves forward to effectively control the cable sliding

(8) shearer inspection can make the system pressure unnecessary to maintain high pressure for a long time. When repairing or replacing the pick, tightening the screw, and replacing the jack, you must cut off the power supply, turn on the isolating switch of the magnetic starter of the shearer, turn on the clutch, and stop the scraper conveyor. After the roof is finished, if there is high speed, there will be no low speed or if there is low speed, there will be no high speed. If the roof is not good, you must first do a good job of support and then overhaul. No one is allowed to overhaul under the coal machine

(9) when someone works within 5 meters above and below the drum, the power supply must be cut off and the clutch must be opened

(10) during the operation of the shearer, attention should be paid to the dragging device at all times. It is not allowed to get stuck or out of the slot to prevent the cable and water pipe from being damaged and squeezed. The host driver should pay attention to the distance between the top beam and the drum, and clean up the sundries in the cable slot. It is strictly forbidden for the Shearer to cut the top beam of the support. The driver should master the bottom cutting condition, set the knife, and pay close attention to the rear cable. The on-site team staff should cooperate with the coal machine hands to take good care of the coal machine dragging device to prevent the cable from getting stuck out of the slot

(11) when the coal cutter cuts coal, it must spray to reduce dust. The internal spray pressure is not less than 2MPa, and the external spray pressure is not less than 1.5MPa. When there is no water or the spray device is damaged, it must be shut down immediately. The coal miner must carry a portable methane detection alarm

(12) when the coal machine runs to the end, it is not hung neatly, the obstacle pillar is not withdrawn, and the two sides are not cut off. It is not allowed to cut coal. The rolling should be consistent with the color of the whole vehicle. High technical requirements are required. No coal cutting is allowed when someone works 5 meters in front of the cylinder, and a special person is assigned to direct it

(13) if the drum of the coal machine is wrapped with materials, it must be cleaned in time before cutting coal

(14) if the coal machine runs to 2m above the upper end of the working face, the coal machine must be switched on to loosen the coal cutting, stop the coal machine and scraper conveyor, take out the loose bolt and then cut the coal for operation

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