Safety technical measures for combined test run of

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Safety technical measures for combined commissioning of fully mechanized coal mining face

2. Adjust the motor switches of the head and tail, and require the programmed delay start of the head and tail, with a 50 delay of not less than 0.5 seconds and not more than 3 seconds

3. The operator shall be 5 meters away from the transmission parts. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to cross the chute and touch the transmission parts

4. Observe whether the sound and temperature of the motor and reducer are normal, the meshing between the head and tail shaft chain and the gear, and the tightness of the chain. There must be a test run record

5. After the power supply system is normal, test whether the various functions of the power station switch are intact, test the power transmission, and test the action performance of the power station and switch, including the coaxiality correction of the load frame, which serves to manually adjust the amplitude for three times, and requires sensitive and reliable protection performance

6. After the power station switch is normal, the single machine test run can be carried out, and the no-load current can be detected. At the same time, it can be inched several times to ensure that there is no blocking phenomenon. Most self-contained plastic bags can operate continuously

7. The single machine test run shall not be less than 8 hours. After confirming that there is no problem, the joint test run can be carried out according to the startup and shutdown procedures specified in the production

starting procedure: belt conveyor → crusher → transfer machine → scraper → shearer, no-load operation for 24 hours, which is the opposite when shutdown

8. Power transmission test, power transmission stop, single machine, joint test run, and the fault detection site must be commanded and recorded by a specially assigned person

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