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Technical safety measures for anchor static pressure pile construction

1) technical training and safety education should be carried out for relevant personnel before anchor static pressure pile construction

2) machinery and equipment must be operated by special personnel with certificates, and the shift system and machine maintenance system must be strictly implemented

3) the operators who boil sulfur mastic must wear necessary protective equipment, and are not allowed to be shirtless and barefoot to prevent the splash of mastic; The transportation and storage of semi-finished mastic should be stored separately to prevent humidity and high temperature; The glue boiling shed shall be fireproof, leak proof and well ventilated

4) for the construction of anchor static pressure pile, the safety regulations on power utilization at the construction site should be carefully implemented. The electric wire of the electric hoist should be placed outside the pile frame with compact structure, beautiful appearance and reliable performance. It is strictly prohibited to rub with the iron chain of the electric hoist, so as to damage and injure people; The electric hoist and hydraulic pump shall be equipped with special electric box and leakage protector; The special electric box shall be leak proof and moisture-proof, and sufficient lighting shall be provided for night construction

5) pile pressing machines and tools should be checked and maintained frequently, and a safety officer responsibility system should be established. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of equipment, circuits, etc., and regularly check and calibrate the pressure gauge. It can be used only after it is qualified

6) when installing the static pressure pile frame of anchor rod, the connecting bolts between the pile frame and anchor rod should be fixed first. The installation of the connecting plate at the top of the pile frame should be operated by two people, although it is still used in some occasions (one person straightens the connecting plate, and the other person installs the bolts between the connecting plate and the pile frame). When installing the connecting plate and electric hoist, a simple scaffold should be erected, and the scaffold board should be paved. The electric composite material moves the experimental machine up and down several times without load. The structure is about 25% lighter than the metal weight of the same volume. (3) the hook of 0% hoist and the hook on the connecting plate of pile frame should have a safety device

7) when handling and lifting the pile section, the pile lifting frame should be installed stably, the sling should be vertical to the pile section, and the operator should hold the two ends of the pile section to keep the pile section stable. The operator pulling the hoist shall stand at a distance from the pile section to prevent the pile section from falling and hurting people

8) when pressing the pile, the jack position should be placed in the center of the steel beam, the steel beam should be placed in the center of the steel pin, and the heel of the steel pin should top the pile frame hole to prevent the steel pin from falling out of the hole and causing accidents

9) after work every day, a special person should be responsible for turning off and cutting off the power supply

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