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Prosilica camera is used in NASA spacecraft system

prosilica, a Canadian digital camera manufacturer, now provides gigevision camera for NASA (NAS Market Forecast: 2018 a) as part of the new generation spacecraft camera recording system

the fast vault system developed by alacron, an image acquisition and processing expert, will record the status of spacecraft 1 in the process of launching and returning to the ground, which improves the accuracy of data processing results to a certain extent. This system must be able to withstand the vibration and impact under the condition of high gravity acceleration, and can record hundreds of megabytes of data per second under the delayed working state. Advanced building materials. In addition, in the case of insufficient power, it must be able to store and maintain data, control the camera, and use general data including gigevisoin. At the same time, people from all walks of life who are interested in the content of the meeting are also welcome to attend the meeting! Download data according to the interface

fast vault system integrates two sets of airborne systems into a 6uvmeform factor dashboard; A set of high-speed, 320GB flash memory system; A set of i/o subsystem provides interfaces for multiple cameras, and is equipped with analog and digital camera input ports. Prosilica cameras GC650, gc660 and gc1380h are being integrated and tested by NASA

"we are very happy that our camera can be used in this high-performance system, which will enhance prosilica's reputation as a manufacturer of various high-quality machine vision products." Martyfurse, President of prosilica, said

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