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Propylene supply will significantly exceed the expected demand growth

it is reported that with the new round of dedicated propylene production capacity put into operation, the global propylene supply will significantly exceed the expected demand growth in the next five years. However, if the price difference between propylene and ethylene is similar to that in the 1990s, it may accelerate the growth of propylene demand, because polypropylene (PP) may once again become a more competitive low-cost plastic resin, said chuck Carr, senior general supervisor of IHS chemical's global olefin business, in a speech at the 2014 world petrochemical conference in Houston

according to IHS chemical data, the world's exclusive propylene production accounted for only 3% of the total propylene supply in 2000, but in 2013, the exclusive propylene production has accounted for 14% of the total propylene supply, and it is expected to increase to 29% of the total supply by 2018. Among them, most of the new propylene production capacity comes from China, Carl said. In the United States, the supply of propylene has decreased by nearly 40% in the past six years due to the use of lighter raw materials for ethylene cracking. However, a large amount of propane supply and the high price of crude oil relative to natural gas have made the propane dehydrogenation unit in the United States the main growth engine of propylene supply in the future. It is predicted that the global propylene production capacity will increase by 30 in the next five years, and the signal amplification factor can be changed by adjusting the potentiometer by million tons, while the demand growth of pre-51 acid resistant brick meter is only 22million tons. This gap between supply and demand may lead to the decline of propylene price. In addition, the new propylene output will also drive the construction of new capacity of a large number of non polypropylene derivatives. Previously, due to over investment in polypropylene and insufficient investment in non polypropylene derivatives, the latter had a strong profit margin. At present, a new round of investment in non polypropylene derivatives is in the upsurge, and most of it is built together with Asia's dedicated propylene production facilities × 2、 × Wait to show the performance, Carl added

in North America, due to the demand for gasoline blending to supplement 65 glass magnesium plates, and the significant increase in Isobutane supply caused by shale development, many refineries are considering returning refinery grade propylene to the gasoline pool through alkylation process to produce high octane components, which will be a complete reversal of refinery propylene's withdrawal from alkylation and entry into the chemical market in the past few decades

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