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Looking forward to 2019 - Industrial interconnection: the competition for platforms has shifted from competing for supremacy to becoming king.

in the past year, industrial interconnection has become an eye-catching word in the industry, with remarkable achievements. At the end of 2018, Chongqing became the fifth city with national top-level nodes after Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan, and the layout structure of China's industrial interconnection in the East, West, North and South has initially taken shape. If network is the foundation and security is the guarantee, then the platform is the core of the whole industry of industrial interconnection. In 2018, the construction of industrial interconnection platforms in China developed rapidly, and more than 50 influential industrial interconnection platforms have been cultivated. The number of industrial equipment connections on some platforms exceeded 100000, and a number of innovative industrial apps have emerged and realized commercial applications

of course, there are also obvious noises in the harmonious symphony. In 2018, as GE sold predix and finally decided to operate predix independently, the industry launched an in-depth discussion on the future development of industrial interconnection, especially the platform. Looking forward to 2019, how will the industrial interconnection platform develop? What are the trends in the dimensions of market, investment, application and technology? At the beginning of the new year, these problems are in front of industrial interconnection practitioners

platforms ushered in the critical period of competing for dominance

since the State Council issued the guiding opinions on deepening interconnection + advanced manufacturing industry to develop industrial interconnection in November 2017, domestic industrial interconnection platforms have sprung up in 2018, and positive competition is inevitable in 2019

after the competition in 2018, 2019 is a key node for all industrial Internet platform manufacturers. Qin Cheng, pre-sales technical director of PTC China, said. He believes that the decisions of enterprises, specific business scenarios and even the preparation of project funds will be fully implemented in 2019. Suppliers of industrial interconnection platforms from home and abroad have also reserved corresponding tools, cases, infrastructure and talents. All these have provided the necessary guarantee for the accelerated development of China's industrial Internet platform market

Ji Fengwei, deputy director of the National Engineering Laboratory of industrial big data application technology and general manager of aerospace cloud Jiangsu company, also believes that with the deepening of policy implementation and the promotion of the capital market, the growth trend of the number of platforms will continue and intensify in 2019. However, the industrial Internet platform market is still in the critical period of undetermined pattern and the window period of large-scale expansion, the industrial Internet platform ecosystem has not yet formed, killer industrial apps have not yet appeared, and the number of equipment and enterprises connected to each platform is still limited. Therefore, it is too early to say that the industrial Internet platform will enter the survival of the fittest period, but 2019 will become a critical period for platform enterprises to seize the dominant power in the future

in the fierce competition, which platforms will have more potential to stand out? Application landing is the king

in the whole industrial landscape, industrial Internet platform enterprises will be more clear about market positioning and development strategies, and each platform will begin to seek differentiated competition. Platforms with regional or industrial characteristics will take the lead in forming a competitive pattern, and the stickiness of the platform to enterprises will begin to show, and the effect of industrial interconnection applications will initially appear. Ji Fengwei emphasized

the platform is facing a profit breaking point

from the perspective of financing and profitability, the financing of industrial Internet platforms was very active in 2018, but the industry is still very worried about the profitability of the platform. At present, only a few platforms are making profits. The huge contrast between the input and output of predix also makes the industry have doubts about the input and profitability of the platform. Looking forward to 2019, which platforms will continue to attract capital? Will the profitability of the platform change

in this regard, industry experts believe that the development of any technology will go through the process from blind catch-up to calm down in the capital market. After competition, the investment in industrial Internet platforms will enter a cooling off period

in 2019, both the capital market and users will pay more and more attention to the ROI of the platform and the landing application effect. The investment will also focus on the advanced technology components of the platform, such as AI, AR, etc. Qin Cheng said

Yang Chunli, director of the information technology research center of CCID think tank, told that at this stage, the construction of China's industrial interconnection platform is still based on the self owned funds and government subsidy funds of the construction enterprises, and some excellent industrial interconnection entrepreneurship and innovation projects are operated and developed through equity financing. However, as the industrial interconnection is still in its infancy, the construction, application and promotion of industrial interconnection platforms are faced with different user acceptances, and the components of the experimental machine are also different. The high business model is immature, the reserve of technical talents is insufficient, and the investment return cycle is long, that is, the phenomenon of high investment, high cost, and high risk. According to the survey data of 69 industrial Internet platforms across the country, 14% of the platforms have invested more than one billion yuan, 43% of the platforms have invested more than one billion yuan, and 88% of the platforms have invested more than ten million yuan. In addition, the construction of industrial interconnection platforms of many enterprises is far from complete, and the later promotion also requires a lot of capital investment. It is expected that the overall investment of their respective platforms will be times that of the current investment. Therefore, 2019 will be a high investment intensive year for industrial interconnection platforms

from the perspective of profitability, the characteristics of platform economy determine that it is difficult for industrial Internet platforms to achieve explosive growth in a short time, and the emergence of Matthew effect requires a certain amount of time and data accumulation. Qin Cheng believes that the profits of industrial Internet platforms must come from large-scale application and promotion based on massive data connections. Therefore, manufacturers should not only look up at the road, but also be down-to-earth. We need to really let customers see the actual application effect, summarize the replication experience, and quickly promote to obtain massive connections and data

Ji Fengwei listed three types of profit models: first, the project-based short-term profit model, which makes profits through large and medium-sized projects of intelligent transformation, but this model has limited growth. The second is the platform based medium and short-term profit model. In the process of enterprises going to the cloud, platform providers obtain revenue by providing application services. Third, the medium and long-term profit model of platform is realized by cultivating the platform ecosystem or using the data gathered by the platform

platform providers can realize the sudden change of profits only after their business model is changed to the medium and long-term profit model. Due to the complexity brought by the industrial characteristics of industrial interconnection, this will be an arduous and long process. Ji Fengwei added

however, although there is a long way to go, 2019 may be a breaking point for platform providers

before the scale is formed, it is difficult to make short-term profits. However, with the accelerated development of the industrial interconnection industry finance combination policy, the establishment of the science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange and the implementation of the IPO registration system, the investment activities and investment intensity of the capital market on advanced manufacturing enterprises represented by the industrial interconnection platform will gradually increase, and the financing scale and financing activities of the platform will increase synchronously. With the improvement and promotion of the platform's own equipment management ability, industrial mechanism model packaging ability, and application service development ability, the profitability of platform enterprises will also be further improved, and 2019 may become the freezing point of platform profitability. Yang Chunli said

emerging technologies will be more closely integrated with the platform

technology is the driving force for the development of the platform. In 2018, emerging I such as industrial big data, AI, VR and even blockchain called for the combination of CT technology and industrial interconnection platform in his report "the challenge of automotive interior product performance design to materials". From a technical point of view, the impact of these emerging technologies on industrial interconnection platforms is an unavoidable problem in the industry. Experts believe that as a technology intensive and complex strategic emerging industry, various relevant emerging technologies must be actively integrated in the construction, promotion and implementation of industrial interconnection platforms. 2019 is still the exploration period of industrial interconnection platform in technology application, and the combination of emerging technologies and platforms will become closer

among them, edge computing technology will be paid attention to, and the edge computing industry will develop at a high speed. With the improvement of the performance and computing power of edge devices, edge devices, as an important part of industrial interconnection platforms, will play an increasingly important role. For example, remote software brushing and version updating. In addition, with the deepening of cloud action on devices, there will be more and more functions and applications on the edge of devices, which will promote the development of edge computing industry, including fpga/gpu chip industry, real-time data analysis and other industries

in addition, big data, AI, vr/ar and other technologies also deserve attention. Qin Cheng told that with the promotion of industrial interconnection platforms and the accumulation of industrial big data, the core applications such as modeling and analysis of industrial big data will be more and more extensive. The extruder based on data-driven artificial intelligence algorithm is one of the most important varieties in the plastic machinery industry. The application to promote the maturity of industrial apps will bring a qualitative improvement to the landing value of industrial interconnection platforms. Ar/vr is an important technical means to solve the labor shortage in the manufacturing industry. Taking 3D out of the background PLM system through the industrial Internet platform and building ar/vr based operation guidance, maintenance guidance, sales or exhibition product display can push 3D applications to a new level

it is worth mentioning that the application of open source technology will accelerate its development. Ji Fengwei believes that in terms of platform infrastructure, edge computing architecture, big data management, micro service architecture, app development, etc., open source architecture will become the main choice for new industrial interconnection enterprises. At the same time, the industrial facilities of a large number of enterprises in China, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, declare that "the road determines the fate" is relatively old, and the non opening of the agreement leads to difficulties in connection. Therefore, with the accelerated speed of devices on the cloud, it will force the device data acquisition technology to achieve explosive growth, thus promoting the emergence of many localized and industrialized acquisition technologies with Chinese characteristics, and further promoting the research and development of relevant technical standards

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