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Shangyu Hongxing Machinery and Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. takes strengthening the basic management of the enterprise as an important work to improve the management level of the enterprise and deal with the market while focusing on product sales, which not only excavates the potential of the enterprise, but also puts the enterprise on the track of sustainable development

Hongxing company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating product echelon R & D, production and sales. Over the years, the company has always adhered to the corporate governance policy of seeking benefits from management and the market, which not only meets the needs and needs of the market and users, but also improves the product sales and market share to varying degrees. The company recognizes that the competition of enterprises in the market is, to some extent, the competition of cost and management. If an enterprise wants to be invincible in the market, it must rely on standardized management, operate in strict accordance with the modern enterprise management system, and start from the basic management work

for this reason, the company has put more emphasis on the importance of "marketing" in the sales process. They believe that in the process of product marketing, "marketing" is to create a cultural concept atmosphere; Create a method and skill; Create an idea; Create a long-term friend customer relationship; Create a sales system; Create a meticulous service system; Create a sensitive and comprehensive response and control mechanism to the market; Marketing is a brand, which is to satisfy customers. Marketing should not only be in-depth, but also be absorbed. This requires enterprises to be more considerate for customers. Before selling products, they should segment customers through careful market research in the early stage, eliminate customers' doubts with perfect pre-sales services, and finally complete the results of "marketing" through original planning and measures. To this end, the company requires employees to "be good at understanding, predicting and even exceeding the wishes of customers. They must have the ability to continuously improve, improve and innovate. They should devote themselves to growing in practice." at the same time, this service is raised to the concept of "the key to building a leading enterprise of coking equipment". In order to improve the service quality, Hongxing company has improved the repair, maintenance and service quality assessment mechanism. At present, automatic data processing is launching "first aid" anytime and anywhere. As long as the coking equipment sold by Hongxing breaks down on August 23 this year, XCMG's service personnel will arrive in time to help customers solve their problems wherever they are. In May, 2006, a Cambodian company adopted led touch screen to help users seek technical service support. After receiving the user demand information, the company immediately sent personnel to the Cambodian user's construction site for services. Master Luo, the service staff, successfully completed the service task in overcoming difficulties in language and transportation, and was highly praised by Cambodian users. Over the years, all users in Hongxing company can feel the considerate service of Hongxing

in order to implement the fund management work, Hongxing company has broken down the expenses incurred by each department layer by layer, so that every employee can participate in the preparation and control of the budget. The participation of cadres and employees in enterprise management not only has a further understanding of their "family background", but also enhances everyone's awareness of saving. Due to the effective implementation of the company's fund management measures, the enterprise's funds have been reasonably utilized and the increase of revenue and expenditure have been effectively controlled

the company attaches great importance to the management of users. In order to strengthen the management of users, the marketing company has also developed a more scientific marketing management system in combination with market conditions, users' purchasing habits and cultural differences. In this scientific marketing system, the senior leaders of the company redefined "marketing"

while actively adjusting its marketing strategy, Hongxing company also pays great attention to the management of sales, service and other aspects. Recently, it has not only focused on strengthening customer reception management, customer relationship management, contract management, information management, after-sales service management and other work, but also established a customer relationship management leading group office with the general manager as the leader and director, whose responsibility is to organize overall planning Establish the construction idea and development plan of customer relationship management project, as well as the unified and standardized management of customers, dealers and service spare parts agents, and guide the specific implementation of each department. After the implementation of the customer relationship management project, it not only strengthens the communication between the enterprise and dealers and users, but also more importantly, it can accurately predict the market, grasp the market, avoid market risks and seek the development path of the enterprise. It is through measuring the output pulse of the photoelectric encoder to obtain the displacement of the beam for guarantee

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