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The "paper" of a better life is for you and me

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the new year is approaching, and new year goods are hoarding! Online and offline shopping will be accompanied by a large number of packaging. However, non-environmental materials and non-standard packaging will cause environmental pollution to the earth. Nowadays, the packaging industry is carrying out a "green revolution" to replace polluting materials with recyclable, edible, degradable and other environment-friendly green packaging materials, so as to promote ecological sustainable development and protect the human living environment. Today, let's meet "green packaging" with Dr. paper

what is green packaging

green packaging is in line with sustainable development, including two aspects:

first, it is conducive to resource regeneration

since 2016, the state has launched four rounds of central environmental protection supervision actions. The second is to minimize the damage to the ecological environment


repeated and renewable packaging

for example, the external wall insulation and energy conservation task is arduous, and the market development potential is huge. Beer, beverages, soy sauce, recent vinegar and other packaging can be reused with glass bottles, and polyester bottles can also be regenerated with some methods after recycling. The physical method is direct and thorough purification and crushing, and the chemical method refers to crushing and washing the recycled PET (polyester film) and then re polymerizing it into recycled packaging materials


edible packaging

edible packaging materials have achieved rapid development in recent years because of their rich and complete raw materials, edible, harmless and even beneficial to human body, and certain strength. Its raw materials mainly include starch, protein, plant fiber and other natural substances


natural biological packaging materials

natural biological materials such as paper, wood, bamboo weaving materials, sawdust, hemp cotton fabrics, wickers, reeds, crop stems, straw, wheat straw, etc., can be easily decomposed in the natural environment, do not pollute the ecological environment, and the resources are renewable and the cost is low

paper packaging


degradable packaging

this material not only has the functions and characteristics of traditional plastics, but also can be split, degraded and reduced in the natural environment through the microbial action of soil and water, or through the action of ultraviolet light in the sun, and finally re-enter the ecological environment in a non-toxic form and return to nature

degradable packaging is the future trend

among the green packaging materials, "degradable packaging" is becoming the future trend. Since January 2021, with the full-scale "plastic restriction order" in full swing, non degradable plastic shopping bags have been banned, and the degradable plastic and paper packaging market has officially entered an explosive period

in this context, app (China) will also "replace plastic with paper" to the strategic height of the future development of the enterprise. It not only prospectively practiced the core technologies of paper waterproof, oil proof, heat sealing, ultrasonic and so on, and developed a series of "Zero plastic" degradable packaging solutions, but also actively tried from the aspects of base paper quality, finished product structure and so on in view of the differences between paper packaging and plastic packaging at this stage

during the Expo last year, APP released a series of new environmentally friendly paper products, among which the main foopak bio natura biodegradable food is stuck in the home compost or backyard soil environment, and can complete 100% biodegradation within 24 weeks. After the full implementation of this technology, it can be widely used for catering contact purposes such as beverage and video, and greatly reduce the utilization rate of plastic products in takeout, fast food, beverage and other industries

finally, the price of paper rises again and again. Dr. reminds everyone that from the perspective of green packaging, the top priority is: no packaging or the smallest amount of packaging, which fundamentally eliminates the impact of packaging on the environment; The second is returnable and reusable packaging or recyclable packaging. Its recycling efficiency and effect depend on the recycling system and the concept of consumers. When all people have the awareness of environmental protection, our green home will be more and more beautiful

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