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Machinery manufacturing: the rise in oil prices is conducive to the recommendation of 6 oil service equipment shares

key recommended combinations this week: China railway industry, (), Hengli hydraulic, (), Ruike laser, ()

lithium battery equipment: in January 2019, the domestic automobile output was about 102000 (+156%), the total installed power of power batteries was about 4.98gwh (+281 industry development is changing from scope growth to connotation growth%), Ningde times and () accounted for about 71% of the market share, CR10 was about 89.4%, and the concentration was further improved. Ningde times is expected to increase the factory capacity by 7 times to 100GWh. In the second half of 2018, domestic first-line and second-line battery enterprises and overseas battery enterprises disclosed a large number of plans for the construction or expansion of power battery capacity in China. It is expected that the compound growth rate of domestic lithium battery equipment demand will exceed 30%, and the leading enterprises of lithium battery equipment will fully benefit

rail transit: the European Union rejected the merger of Alstom and Siemens' rail transit departments. CRRC has recently won large orders overseas, and the urban rail transit planning of Dongguan and other places has been continuously approved. According to statistics, since Q4, 2018, the national development and Reform Commission has approved a number of infrastructure projects across the country, with a total investment of more than 1.2 trillion yuan, most of which are rail transit projects. We believe that in the next two years, domestic railway investment may once again play a role in stabilizing growth and investment by using gamma rays and ETO sterilization. The margin continues to rise, and the high-profile atmosphere of the rail transit industry chain is expected to maintain the laser industry: IPG optoelectronics' revenue/net profit increased by 4%/16% in 2018, mainly due to the slowdown in demand and intensified competition in China and Europe, and the revenue of German laser processing equipment enterprise jenoptek group increased by 11.6% in 2018. Laser processing and manufacturing are in the stage of continuous progress in terms of technical iteration and field expansion, and there is a huge space for long-term development. It is expected that the improvement of the localization rate of high-power lasers and laser equipment will promote the penetration rate of laser equipment and promote the growth of the industry. Recently, the investment demand of downstream enterprises has slowed down. We believe that the cold winter of the industry will accelerate the change of the competition pattern of the industry, and the leading enterprises may benefit

construction machinery: in January 2019, 11756 units (+10%), 10142 units (+6.2%) in the domestic market and 1614 units (+42%) were exported. In 2018, listed construction machinery companies increased rapidly. We believe that the downward pressure on the macro-economy in 2019 is great, and the goals of stable growth and infrastructure weakness repair may maintain the high demand in the downstream of the industry. We continue to be optimistic about the performance elasticity after the repair of the balance sheet of the main engine plant, and the core parts enterprises will accelerate the realization of import substitution in this round of construction machinery recovery cycle

semiconductor equipment: according to Gartner statistics, China's semiconductor sales in 2018 were about US $158.1 billion (+21.9%), with a growth rate higher than 15.8% in the world, accounting for 33.7% in the world. Domestic semiconductors maintain a relatively high outlook, and the greater the power of wafer production, the progress of the project continues to advance. The 14nm process is expected to be mass produced in June 2019. We expect that year will be the window period of import substitution of domestic IC equipment. With the technological upgrading of domestic IC equipment enterprises, high-quality enterprises are expected to achieve rapid growth

oil and gas services: on February 15, 2019, WTI crude oil price was $55.59/barrel (increased by 22.6% since 2019), and Brent crude oil price was $66.25/barrel (increased by 23.1% since 2019 when the current equipment is under commissioning). PetroChina announced that the domestic exploration and development investment in 2019 will increase by 25% year-on-year

we believe that the "three barrels of oil" will increase the exploitation of domestic oil and gas, especially unconventional oil and gas, improve energy security, and drive the continuous growth of domestic demand for fracturing vehicles and other equipment and oil and gas services in

report this week: (): the competitiveness of equipment has been significantly improved, and the risk of power battery capacity expansion has been fully benefited. Tips: domestic fixed asset investment has slowed down, and the implementation of relevant policies is lower than expected

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