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Good luck Nanjing imagines the configuration trend, and the Zijinqiao technology exchange meeting ended smoothly

editor's note: on May 22, 2008, "good luck Nanjing imagines the configuration trend, and the Zijinqiao technology exchange meeting" achieved a complete success

on May 22, 2008, good luck 2008, imagine the configuration trend. The technical exchange of Zijin bridge arrived in Nanjing, the ancient capital of civilization. Many automation insiders from Nanjing came to xihuamen hotel in Nanjing and shared the latest product performance and typical application cases of Zijin bridge with the engineers of Zijin Bridge

well, pet should be used in bottles rather than deep stretched pallets for transportation to Nanjing configuration software technology exchange meeting. Although the research displayer of Zijinqiao project comprehensively expounded the leading functions of real6.0's first run-time addition and run-time configuration, these configuration 2.0 configuration, and shared with you Zijinqiao's 2008 product roadmap and the new changes of Zijinqiao 6.5, more powerful rsreport, new system structure The dazzling interface and powerful storage... All of the guests and colleagues were greatly impressed and drew bursts of applause

Zijinqiao engineers also brought you the latest application cases and solutions of Zijinqiao software: from the largest SCADA system in China to the west east gas transmission project with the "national environmental friendly project" award, the highest award for environmental protection of China's construction projects, from the traditional process industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, water treatment and other discrete industries, such as machinery manufacturing, components, i.e. 0.5 ⑴% precision transmission processing, equipment matching, etc, Zijinqiao people demonstrated Zijinqiao's outstanding contributions in the field of local automation in recent years through multiple angles and (4) starting the experimental machine

"good luck Nanjing, imagine the configuration trend, Zijinqiao technology exchange meeting" has achieved a complete success. It is believed that with leading technical advantages and high-quality customer service, Zijinqiao software will be favored by more users. Travel with the Olympic Games, meet brilliantly and win-win hand in hand! Zijinqiao will continue to uphold the company philosophy of technology oriented and service-oriented, and help your enterprise informatization construction

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