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XCMG machinery: "bright new XCMG, big performance winner"

XCMG machinery: "bright new XCMG, big performance winner"

in the past 210 years

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Guide: at 2 p.m. on May 27, 2010, Guangzhou yidoufu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. held bright new XCMG Performance winners' 2010 Guangdong Xiagong new product exhibition and customer appreciation activities. Invitation to this event

at 2:00 p.m. on May 27, 2010, Guangzhou yidoufu mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. held the 2010 Guangdong Xiagong new product exhibition and customer appreciation activities of "bright new Xiagong, big performance winners" in Guangzhou Jiayi Crown Hotel and yidoufu Xiagong Guangdong Sales Service Center (4S store). The event invited more than 300 new and old users, and invited the national model worker Mr. Gai Junxing, senior engineer of Xiamen Xiagong Machinery Co., Ltd., Mr. Xu Xiaoda, deputy general manager of excavator marketing company, Mr. Zhang Shisong, technical engineer of excavator marketing company, Mr. Chen Yimin, regional director of loader South China, Mr. Chen Yiming, regional director of excavator South China, Mr. Chen Lingxiang, regional director of pavement machinery South China Mr. qiyaohui, director of Guangzhou Office of Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zeng Sheyao, general assistant of SINOTRUK marketing, participated in the whole process of the event accompanied by Chairman Yidou Fugan Zemin, director Huang Simin, general manager Lao Zhiqiang, etc

the activity mainly highlights the "new starting point, new Xiamen workers, new image", and promotes the latest series of products launched by Xiamen workers, mainly including loader xg932 Ⅲ, xg951 Ⅲ, xg953 Ⅲ, xg956 Ⅲ, excavator xg806, xg821, xg822lc, roller xg631d, xg6203m, forklift cpc30h, side fork cccd3a, etc. At the meeting, Mr. Gai Junxian, a national model worker and senior engineer of Xiamen Xiagong Machinery Co., Ltd., gave a detailed account of the development history and performance advantages of Xiagong loader. Mr. zhangshisong, technical engineer of excavator marketing company, introduced the imported high-end configuration of Xiagong excavator, and analyzed the cost performance advantages compared with peers

in order to liven up the atmosphere and let users experience the new products and concepts of XCMG in a relaxed and happy process, various activities are carried out in Yidou Fucheng 4S store to publicize the route and future trend of XCMG's exclusive 4S store to customers and show the superior performance of XCMG's machinery products. More than 300 new and old users enthusiastically participated in the on-site "performance turntable big winner" product question answering game and won rich prizes. After the event, the guests were still not satisfied and kept asking whether they could still participate in the game

two types of loaders xg932 Ⅲ and xg951 Ⅲ were launched on site for bidding activities, and the on-site customers responded fiercely. Among them, No. 144 and No. 1, according to the data of 2018, the competition was the most intense on No. 49. Finally, xg932 Ⅲ ended up with 175000 yuan and xg951 Ⅲ ended up with 275000 yuan

The on-site ordering promotion launched by

was actively consulted and recognized by the on-site customers, and they immediately placed orders, with a total of more than 60 transactions

in the evening, with a skirt dance full of exotic enthusiasm, the heads of all lines of the production and manufacturing center gathered in 1 to start a customer appreciation Gala, singing and dancing, lottery activities, special gift packages for key customers, and a 40000 yuan cash lottery pushed the party to a climax. In the song of "blessing" of the sales team, and in the passionate cry of "serve customers with the most sincere service, and give Xiamen workers the most satisfactory answer sheet", In the singing of "love to fight will win" by the general manager of yidoufu and all the leaders of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group, the curtain slowly came to an end for the whole activity and came to a successful conclusion

the kelcai exhibition has played an important role in the local economy

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