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Macro/Marriott a592 top suction European range hood use evaluation ¥ 1199 start

this Marriott a592 top suction European range hood is recommended by the evaluation, and the back is planted with grass. This Marriott a592 top suction European range hood has been used for a period of time, and the sharing feelings are as follows:

I. experience of Marriott a592 top suction European range hood:

after receiving the range hood, I specially used it for a few days to evaluate it, Although I said more than 1000 words, the effect is really good. I bought it for my mother. Now there is basically no smoke in the cooking. The installer said that it would cost more than 2000 in the mall, which is good View more user comments on the advantages and disadvantages details>

II. Price quotation of Wanjiale a592 top suction European range hood:

market price: ¥ 3999.00

double 12 price: ¥ 1199.00

activity link details: https://detail. Technical specification for utilization of fire retardant coating for steel structures cecs24:

III. configuration of Wanjiale a592 top suction European range hood can realize high added value utilization of graphene +eps:

range hood brand: macro/Wanjiale

Wanjiale range hood model: cxw-218-a592

place of production: Chinese Mainland

size: 900 × five hundred × 580mm

Color Classification: Black

net weight: 19kg

gross weight: 25kg

installation position of smoke machine: top suction

body material: stainless steel

package size: 970 × six hundred and seventy × 575mm

manufacturer: Wanjiale kitchen Technology Co., Ltd.

range hood type: T-type machine

key type: touch

control panel material: tempered glass

intelligent type: does not support intelligent

range hood exhaust volume: 19 cubic meters/minute

Noise: 54db

time of market:

warranty period: 5 years

IV. Wanjiale a592 top suction Euro other users' comments on type range hood:

1 The delivery speed is too fast. It's still delivered by the master. The product is very attractive and quiet. The installation master doesn't charge for door-to-door installation. The quality is very good. The style is fashionable and high-end. It's my favorite. The price is much cheaper than the mall. I'm very satisfied

2. The range hood is great, with strong suction, not loud sound, acceptable, the installer is very professional, and the customer service small particle is very careful to answer questions and praise

3. The error of the results of the experiment I bought will be very small. It is early and late to install, but the appointment installation is not specific to the national standard of specific waterproof material products. The installation is very timely. The worker's master is very awesome, the installation is careful, and even the outer envelope is torn clean for me. This range hood is really good, beautiful in appearance, atmospheric, very convenient to use, and the suction has three levels. Choose it casually, which is very affordable

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