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Mechanical quality work faces 10 main tasks

"guided by market demand and driven by technological innovation, optimize industrial structure, improve product quality and increase economic benefits. Promote advanced quality management methods, overcome a number of key quality technologies, support a number of quality excellent enterprises, cultivate a number of excellent quality talents, restrict and eliminate a number of backward equipment, and lay a solid foundation for the revitalization of the mechanical industry." At the second session of the Fifth Council and member congress of the China Machinery Industry Quality Management Association and the 2005 National Machinery Industry Quality Award commendation conference held yesterday, Yu Zhen, President of the China Machinery Industry Federation, put forward the development ideas of the quality work of China's machinery industry during the Eleventh Five Year Plan Period

it is understood that the China Machinery Quality Association has formulated the development goals for the quality work of China's machinery industry during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, mainly including: by 2010, the overall quality of major industries will be significantly improved, a number of key industries with internationally competitive brands and a number of large enterprises and enterprise groups will be initially formed, and testing centers and testing groups with strong testing capabilities will be established, The quality and reliability of major mechanical products are close to or reach the level of developed countries, and the overall quality of major industries basically meets the needs of market competition; Basically solve the problem of transmission stability of the first transmission mode of the key quality of major technical equipment, significantly improve the reliability, and the safety, economy and other indicators of key technical products are close to or reach the average level of developed countries, with more than 40% of product varieties reaching the advanced level of the contemporary world; Cultivate and establish 2 ~ 3 comprehensive testing groups, expand the scope of testing, improve the level of testing technology, and speed up international integration; Form 2000 kinds of famous brand products, cultivate 1000 star enterprises with reliable quality, focus on cultivating 5-10 kinds of products and 8-10 enterprises, and form world-famous brands and famous enterprises by 2010

in order to ensure the full realization of the above development goals, Yu Zhen proposed 10 main tasks for the quality work of the machinery industry during the Eleventh Five Year Plan Period: first, improve the quality inspection system of the machinery industry. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, we should strengthen the resource adjustment and reorganization of the testing system to be in line with international general rules. We should further clarify the social status of quality inspection institutions, adjust the business direction of quality inspection institutions, and improve the organizational structure. Second, vigorously promote the brand strategy. Before 2010, the focus of the brand strategy was on major technical equipment represented by power generation equipment, automotive products represented by cars, basic machinery and basic parts represented by CNC machine tools, and agricultural machinery products. Third, vigorously promote the voluntary certification of products. In order to face such difficult situations as electrical products (3C), automotive products (3C), mechanical safety and agricultural machinery, Chinese enterprises must speed up the pace of adjusting the industrial structure. On the basis of the quality certification of products, we must establish and implement voluntary product certification in the fields of basic parts, hydraulic components, bearings, printing machines and other fields. All kinds of experimental machines may encounter faults or other problems in the operation process. Fourth, strengthen the research on the reliability technology of mechanical industry products. We should pay special attention to the research of reliability growth technology, reliability verification and measurement technology, user satisfaction evaluation technology and index system. Fifth, carry out the research on the measurement uncertainty of mechanical and electrical products. We should speed up research on the performance measurement of automobiles and their parts, the measurement of general mechanical parts, the measurement of instruments and meters, ouyangming said, the measurement of product related parameters, material measurement and other projects. Sixth, adjust and improve the measurement regulation system of machinery industry. Seventh, vigorously carry out research on inspection specifications and technologies of key parts represented by automotive electronic parts. Eighth, seriously carry out quality training and education. Ninth, cooperate with the national administrative departments to establish a supervision and management system in the field of circulation. 10. Continue to vigorously carry out mass quality activities

in addition, on the basis of the voluntary declaration of enterprises, the recommendation of provincial and municipal competent departments of the machinery industry or professional associations of the machinery industry, through the strict review and evaluation of the China Machinery Quality Association, and after soliciting the opinions of professional associations of the machinery industry and the deliberation of the National Machinery Industry Quality Award Evaluation Committee, this conference issued six quality management awards

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