Best hope introduces improved magnetic ink

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Heath introduced improved magnetic ink

heath custom press company launched a modified product of its popular magnetic ink for magnetic character recognition strips. This product is specially made with advanced chemical materials such as high-end resin, special rubber and engineering plastics. It is used for inspection and form printing machines. It can maintain consistent image density and signal strength in the printing process of printed parts, produce thick black images, and have predictable and consistent water absorption. Heath magnetic character recognition ink with soybean oil as binder has been strictly tested in Heath's factory and has shown good performance under the operating conditions of form printers and check printers used in North America. Heath magnetic ink for magnetic character recognition is suitable for metal, laser, electrostatic and silver salt polyester plates, as well as relief printing, which provides a competitive advantage for printing enterprises

Roger Giza, vice president of sales of heath custom press, commented on the magnetic ink used for this magnetic character recognition bar: the ink used for heath magnetic character recognition bar has a variety of products with different viscosities, which can be specially prepared for various applications. Each order of magnetic ink for heath magnetic character recognition strip is equipped with a special safety data specification sheet, plus the batch number and certificate of analysis certificate to ensure that the rheology is the same as that of the previous batch. It can be packaged in 1.5 and 7 pound cans. The laser safety point of magnetic ink of heath magnetic character recognition strip can reach 200 ℃, which can be used with all common wetting liquids

in the past 30 years, heath has provided the printing industry with car seats that require welding 50 ~ 60 parts, such as check printers, form printers and related consumables. Tens of millions of cheques are printed on the heath printer every day. Heath produces and renovates the patented heath printing tower system for users, which allows operators to identify the environmental impact factors and object readiness of the project for the next print when the printing machine is running. According to the special needs of the check printing machine, heath has launched a full range of customized inks, chemicals and printing plates, which can also realize the stretching, tightening, bending, shearing and other types of experiments, parts and other consumables for different materials or products according to other standards

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