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Many strong stocks in the machinery sector

Guide: Although the stock index has a small shock range recently and shows the characteristics of weak balance, the trend of individual stocks in the construction machinery sector is extremely strong, and Sany Heavy Industry, Guilin Liugong, Changlin shares and other stocks have repeatedly bucked the trend. The construction machinery industry is booming According to data, the total output value of China's machinery industry in the first half of the year

although the recent stock index fluctuated slightly and showed a weak balance, the trend of individual stocks in the construction machinery sector was extremely strong. Sany Heavy Industry, Guilin Liugong, Changlin shares and other stocks ◆ medical product customization services have repeatedly bucked the trend. The construction machinery industry is booming According to data, in the first half of the year, the total output value of China's machinery industry reached 11648 billion yuan, an increase of 30% over the same period of last year, and the realized profit increased by 93.09% year-on-year. Among them, the heavy machinery industry has a full task this year. Caiweici, vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, revealed that compared with 2002, the total output value in 2003 is expected to increase by about 20% and the profit will increase by 10%. According to the prediction of insiders, the growth rate of mechanical engineering industry is amazing, and the growth rate of subdivisions of construction machinery such as excavators is expected to reach more than 40%. Such a growth rate mainly comes from the demand brought about by China's rapid economic growth in recent years, and the government's active fiscal expansion policy is still being implemented in the near future. It is worth mentioning that after SARS, in order to improve the economy, the government started some major projects one after another in advance, which triggered a new round of order peak for the construction machinery industry. The Matthew effect of the construction machinery sector from the current trend of the construction machinery sector, the stronger the individual stocks are, the stronger the stock market term is, to apply the stock market term, the strong are always strong, and the stocks such as Changlin shares and Guilin Liugong are still rising after the sharp rise, while Sany Heavy Industry is even worse. After only a slight rest, it launched a continuous rising trend, and on Friday, it hit a new closing high. On the contrary, some weak stocks are weaker and weaker, such as XCMG technology, Xiamen Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and other stocks. There are two reasons for this trend. One is that the construction machinery sector has begun a new round of reshuffle after the growth in previous years. Some listed companies with core products have received more and more orders, and their performance has continued to grow. However, some stocks have weakened because of delayed product upgrading and sales problems, and their performance does not reflect the prosperity of the industry, so their share prices. Second, market factors. With the introduction of QFII, the investment concept of foreign capital began to receive the attention of mainstream funds in the market. According to media reports, when foreign investors choose stocks, they do not buy down, but buy up. The experimental accuracy of ± 1% is a little different from China's original investment thinking, that is, the higher the stock rises, the more they need to increase their positions, indicating that the trend has been formed. Our original investment philosophy was to emphasize low absorption. In this way, the capital flows to strong stocks. The interim report of Changlin shares can best illustrate the problem. On the one hand, the original control funds are withdrawing, but on the other hand, the fund is involved on a large scale, This has led to the trend of filling in the rights of Kunming Science and technology Hengda Technology Co., Ltd. to build the first fence type aluminum based lead alloy composite anode plate semi-automatic production line at home and abroad in Jinning Industrial Park, Yunnan Province in 2014 under the background of the increase in turnover rate of the stock. The operation focuses on the three sectors. As mentioned above, the competition in the industry has begun to intensify, and the profits have been increasingly concentrated in the leading enterprises in the industry. Therefore, the choice of leading enterprises is the first choice for investors to participate in the engineering sector. Therefore, it is suggested that investors focus on the construction machinery stocks whose performance has been in the rising channel with the current substantial growth in performance and increasing market share. Second, pay attention to some construction machinery stocks in Shanghai, because such stocks have been relatively active, and some have many themes such as land appreciation and the construction of Shanghai deep-water port. Therefore, Hudong heavy industry, Jiangnan heavy industry, Shanghai port machinery, Zhenhua Port Machinery and other stocks can be highly concerned. Third, there are stocks with assets second only to the expected restructuring of the United States and China, such as China development, Shandong Lingong and other stocks

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