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2017 macroeconomic report: new industry and new consumption "new normal 2.0"

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policy shift in developed countries, marginal tightening of global liquidity, the scale of quantitative easing in major developed economies is close to the limit, and the negative effects continue to appear. Fiscal policy will be shifted in 2017, It will make the external pressure of emerging markets rise again

lunch box products should meet the gb4806.7 standard. Industrial transformation and consumption upgrading, "new normal 2.0" since 2012, China's economic "new normal 1.0", which is mainly marked by de stocking and de capacity, has basically ended, industrial transformation has accelerated, consumption upgrading, and 2017 will enter the "new normal 2.0" with stable growth rate

investment rebounded in 2017, and GDP growth stabilized. In 2017, exports may still be depressed, and consumption may be overdrawn, but industrial investment, real estate development investment and infrastructure investment are more likely to rise. It is predicted that GDP will grow by about 6.6%, and the growth rate will stabilize

the PPI center has increased significantly, and the CPI is still about 2%. In 2017, the PPI is still rising, but the rising trend is less than that in 2016, and the PPI center will be more than 4%. CPI rose by about 2%, basically the same as 201 used in inspection wells, communication pipelines, automobile lightweight, large pallets and other industries for six years

macro control of money and tight liquidity balance the central economic work conference put forward the requirements for a prudent and neutral monetary policy in 2017, the prevention and control of asset foam and macro control of money. We judged that the new credit in 2017 was 12.5 trillion yuan, the growth rate of money supply was lower than that in 2016, and the liquidity was in tight balance

the reform is still on the way, and the supply side structural reform is worth looking forward to

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