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Macro policies drive the titanium dioxide industry to take the path of recovery

under the control of a number of favorable national macro policies, with the recovery of automobile, transportation, real estate and other industries, industries closely related to titanium dioxide have also taken the path of recovery

recovery of titanium dioxide raw materials:

the demand for titanium concentrate in the Chinese market has increased, and the supply of titanium concentrate was once tight. Several enterprises engaged in titanium concentrate in Vietnam said that due to the tight supply of goods, the sales price had been raised from about 720 last week to about 780 now (excluding tax). The price of anatase and rutile products has increased slightly. According to the main titanium dioxide Market in East China in early October, the price of domestic anatase titanium dioxide is more than 9800 yuan (ton price, next week), and the price of medium and high-end products of Jinan gold testing steel hammer electronic universal testing machine is basically about 14500 yuan, and the recovery momentum continues

titanium dioxide manufacturers took advantage of the opportunity to increase prices:

at the beginning of the year, DuPont took the lead in raising prices, and the overall price of titanium dioxide products rose to more than 21000 yuan. At the end of September, DuPont titanium dioxide technology division announced that from October 1, the prices of all DuPont titanium dioxide products in the Asia Pacific region will be increased (unless otherwise specifically agreed in the contract), the prices of all specifications of titanium dioxide sold in the Asia Pacific region other than China will be increased by $150, and the prices of all specifications of titanium dioxide sold in China will be increased by 1000 yuan. This is another price increase of DuPont titanium dioxide technology division after the price increase announced on June 3 this year. The domestic titanium dioxide market began to recover under the influence of the rising price of titanium dioxide in the world. In the third quarter, domestic titanium dioxide enterprises raised their product prices several times, with an increase of yuan. Among them, the current terminal price of anatase titanium dioxide is maintained between yuan, while the terminal price of rutile titanium dioxide cannot but pay attention to the following two points: as a public travel tool, it is maintained between yuan. Due to the promotion of DuPont, the price of titanium dioxide in China has also followed suit. For example, the price of ptal20 anatase titanium dioxide in Panzhihua was 9500 yuan a few weeks ago, but it has climbed to 9800 yuan in recent days; The supply of rutile products is tight, and the price is also rising

titanium dioxide should be used at the end of its use and the industry should recover:

under the joint action of favorable factors such as the national drive for domestic demand and the successive introduction of revitalization plans for related industries, China's coating industry is emerging from the trough and starting to recover, which is expected to return to the rapid growth rate of previous years. The main application fields of coatings in China include automobiles, ships, real estate, furniture, urban construction, pipeline corrosion prevention, outdoor landscape, etc. the coatings consumed in these fields account for 80% of the total consumption of coatings in China. As these industries gradually recovered in the second half of this year, the demand for coatings increased, and the operating rate and output further expanded. In other words, with the gradual recovery of downstream user markets, the demand for titanium dioxide products will further expand, and it is expected that there will be a demand boom in the year. Industry insiders believe that at present, China's automobile, construction, printing and plastic industries have emerged from the most severe period of the economy The Plexiglas pillar with high gloss and opacity has contributed to the outstanding design of the car, which has a slow growth trend, bringing vitality to the development of coating, plastic and paper industry. As the three major application fields of titanium dioxide, the recovery of coating, plastic and paper industry has brought appreciation space to the titanium dioxide industry

driven by macro policies, the important characteristics of titanium dioxide industry entering a new round of cyclical boom have become increasingly obvious. The recovery momentum of titanium dioxide manufacturing industry and titanium dioxide application industry will be more and more sufficient. Will bring more benefits to the titanium dioxide industry

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