In order to bring convenience to more industrial s

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In order to bring convenience to more industrial system customers, Yanyang has newly established the industrial system division

in order to meet the needs and orders of more and more industrial system solutions, Yanyang separated the industrial system from the original tablet application division (PAD) and embedded computer division (EPC) in August this year, and established a special industrial system division (ISD). ISD's main responsibility is to provide users with industrial motherboards and chassis. ISD production line includes single board computer, industrial chassis and industrial backplane. They are applicable to telecommunications, transportation, factory automation and medical equipment

ISD with high reliability and high compatibility is very powerful. They can be applied to harsh environments and can work 24 hours a day. Its main functions include opening the experimental interface and making simple experimental settings more reasonable; About the LAN, VGA, Gigabit ports and CF slots of research users who care about the details of the experiment. In addition, there are many models used by Buehler and his team that play a certain role in building energy conservation, such as insulating glass, vacuum glass, Low-E glass and film coated glass, including these covalently crosslinked extended interfaces, such as PICMG, PCI, ISA, pcisa and APCI Etc. Yanyang provides you with the best one-stop service in this field

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