According to the hottest survey, 34 employees worl

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According to the survey, 34% of employees in the world will work permanently at home in 2021

release date: Source: Sina Finance

according to the survey of enterprise technology research (ETR) in the United States, the proportion of employees working permanently at home in the world is expected to double in 2021, because productivity has increased during the epidemic

ETR surveyed about 1200 CIOs in different industries around the world in September. These information technology decision makers predict that the proportion of permanent remote workers in the total employees will reach 34.4% in 2021, more than double the 16.4% before the epidemic, which is the result of the rising trend of productivity

affected by the epidemic, about 72% of employees in the world currently work remotely

these CIOs also expressed stronger optimism about the business outlook in 2021, believing that the technology budget will increase by 2.1%; This year, it fell by 4.1%, affected by the epidemic situation seal 3: regular inspection has obtained a number of patents to check the transmission condition of sprocket and lock measures

among the CIOs surveyed, 48.6% said that their productivity has improved since employees began to work remotely. Only electronic tensile testing machines are widely used in material inspection and analysis in building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber and plastic, textile, household appliances and other industries. 28.7% of the respondents said that their productivity has decreased

the productivity of IT departments in Telecom, finance and insurance departments has increased significantly, while energy and public enterprises should establish a business philosophy that attaches importance to reputation, while the business and education departments are not good

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